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About us

Jewellery is one of the most cherished accessories of women’s fashion. Sayda has a wide range of jewellery collections, be it be for a wedding, or a college function, or a family event, we have everything for you. We ensure that you get everything for a complete look.

How we started

Do you have faith in luck?  Maybe after hearing our story you start believing in luck. Its main character is our founder. She is a dreamer with great ideas but she was unable to make those plans a reality. But one day, she wore the Temple jewellery of Lord Ganesha, gifted by her friend, that was the day when luck changed her life.  This jewellery has as much power in them as you feel like you have in you. It holds positivity and power. It increases your faith and strength.  She feels as long as the spiritual blessings of god and goddess are with her, she feels confident that she can do anything. She learned that you can change your life gradually, little changes can have a big impact on living a joyful and successful life. She wanted to make it possible for everyone so she thought to take this thing forward and take temple jewellery to the next level. This is how bad luck turned into good luck and it helped her to start a business named “Sayda”- meaning fortunate. So, a new business is brought into the world through a progression of coincidences and luck.
Our latest collection includes Temple jewellery– Purely handcrafted and it has taken the art of Indian jewellery to next level. It was used to decorate gods and goddesses. Antique jewellery to relive the vintage era, Kundan collection originated from the royal courts of Rajasthan, it enhances the beauty and gives you a royal look. We also have a  fabulous range of Women’s Fashion Accessories.
We discover jewellery resonated with your style. All your favorite accessories are here!


Our vision is to beautify the world with Crafted jewellery and being authentic in our service. We want to enlighten women’s life and become the world’s largest leading company of Indian Traditional Jewellery.


Our main motive is to successfully develop and sell our customer’s high-quality Artificial Jewellery worldwide. Our mission is to achieve customer trust and provide the best quality. We want to offer the best service we can in every circumstance no matter what.