Among traditional jewellery, Kundan jewellery has become more popular for its beauty and complexity. Kundan is a form of ancient jewellery that is decorated with gold foil and gems stones. As it is originated in Rajasthan, some also call it Jaipuri or Bikaneri jewellery. Kundan is also called refined gold of high purity. And this type of jewellery generally consists of pure 24 carat gold. The designs done on Kundan jewellery gave the look of meenakari work.

      Kundan is sometimes confused with polki jewellery, which is made of uncut diamonds. Though their designs may look similar but the technique of making both the jewellery is totally different because the process of making Kundan jewellery is very delicate and need proper skill work and attention. The art of making Kundan jewellery is also known as jadau jewellery. Most favourite designs seen on Kundan sets are basically flower patterns.

      The base of the Kundan jewellery is formed by beating gold strips and shapes are given in accordance with the public demands. Over the years, the weight of the jewellery has been changed by making it lighter to meets the needs of modern tastes.  Stones which are used in Kundan jewellery are glass stones, rubies, emerald, sapphire.  All these together make it more attractive.

      This elegant and graceful piece of Kundan jewellery usually gains more popularity among Indian brides. They are most popularly seen royal marriages. One should definitely keep Kundan jewellery in their collection for special gatherings. It looks best on women who loves to wear heavy dresses.

      As it is very expensive and not all people can afford to buy it, so, it has been imitated in various designs, colors and stones across India. You will get all types of quality from lowest to highest depending upon the process of making and the materials used in it.

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